TripAdvisor Top 10 Hotels for 2021

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TripAdvisor top 10 hotels

TripAdvisor publishes a list of the world’s best hotels every year. Called, the “Travelers Choice Awards”, this list is created from the opinions and reviews published by millions of travelers, which make it one of the most credible lists in the world. This year too, TripAdvisor has come out with such a list. Here are the TripAdvisor top 10 hotels for 2021. Take a look.

In the list, you will find both huge hotels and small boutique properties. They are from everywhere. Considering there are thousands of hotels of all sizes, naturally, it’s a huge achievement for a property to get into this list of TripAdvisor top 10 hotels for 2021.

TripAdvisor also comes out with other lists like the best restaurants, airlines, top trending destinations, attractions, national parks, and others. Read our travel guide for the world’s top 10 historic hotels.

Hotel Colline de France, Gramado, Brazil

Hotel Colline de France

It is a top-rated hotel in Gramado, Brazil. The décor is classical. There is a spa and a host of other amenities. It is popular with couples. Colline de France also has a prime location. It is close to many major attractions in Brazil. What makes it even more special is the customer service.

The Omnia, Zermatt, Switzerland

The Omnia Zermatt

It is in the heart of Zermatt, a major ski resort in Switzerland. The location, design, and architecture are commendable. However, the biggest allure is guest services. It is a contemporary take on the traditional mountain lodge. Escape from the stress of life, and lose yourself amidst the forest wilderness.

Sani Dunes, Sani, Greece

Sani Dunes

Sani is a small seaside village in Greece. It is popular for its pop and folk concerts and the summer arts festival. There are boutiques, grill restaurants, and chic bars everywhere. The village also has a beautiful 16th-century Stavronikita watchtower.

If you are visiting Sani, stay at the award-winning Sani Dunes. You won’t find a more sophisticated and chic accommodation in this village resort. You will love their ambiance and cuisine. It has an awesome waterside location. The hotel breathes ‘Mediterranean’ from all aspects, be it the décor, upholstery, or the furniture. Sani Dunes also has the largest heated swimming pool in Greece.

Kandolhu, Maldives


In the North Ari Atoll of Maldives, Kandolhu is an idyllic beachside resort. It is an all-villa property right on the sea. The ocean pool villas and the wellness experience provide solace to tired souls. It is a world of luxury. The reef around this resort has thriving marine life. There are watersports as well.

Achtis Hotel, Afitos, Greece

Achtis Hotel

The second property from Greece to make it to this list. Afitos is a beautiful hilltop village with cobbled streets and stone houses. It overlooks the Toroneos Gulf. You will find many sea-view bars and Macedonian restaurants in the beach area and along the cliff.

The Achtis Hotel is a very nice romantic getaway. This could be the place where you want to stay if you are looking for a romantic getaway, celebrating your honeymoon or anniversary. The hotels offer luxury, aesthetics, and the perfect ambiance for a relaxing holiday.

Mandapa, Kedewatan, Indonesia


We go to Asia now with two entries from Bali.

A Ritz Carlton Reserve, this heritage hotel is in Ubud, Bali. Every part of the resort exudes the rich essence of Bali, Indonesia. The villas and suites showcase the island’s rich heritage. It is close to the beautiful rice fields, the monkey forest, and many other top attractions of Ubud. Mandapa, a word synonymous with Temple is the perfect place for guests looking for solace. It is a sanctuary beside the River Ayung.

The Legian, Seminyak, Indonesia

The Legian

The Legian is in Seminyak, Bali. It is a posh, all-suite beach hotel in a top location. Its design is a showcase of the island’s rich culture and heritage. You will find luxurious accommodation here that is nestled within beautifully landscaped tropical gardens. The garden runs all the way to the beach and the seafront infinity pool and club. You are never too far away from shopping districts and nightlife. The vibrant Jalan Legian street is only 4 kilometers away.

Hotel Gardena Grödnerhof, Oltretorrente, Italy

Hotel Gardena Grödnerhof

Italy has so much more to offer other than the big three – Rome, Venice, and Florence. Take Oltretorrente, for example. It is a small sleepy village at the base of a hill between Genoa and Milan. The village has a famous winery. It also has cobblestoned streets and beautiful houses.

Hotel Gardena Grödnerhof is close to the stunning Dolomites. This is a great hotel for a relaxed and quiet vacation. Of course, you can also try the famous wines of the region as well. Go on a hiking trip to the nearby hills. The Michelin-star restaurant and the wine collection are top draws in all seasons.

Tulemar Bungalows & Villas, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Tulemar Bungalows & Villas

A peaceful resort within 33-acres of Tulemar Gardens, it is located in the Manuel Antonio district of Costa Rica. The beachside location has coastal forests, beautiful beaches. There are also many seafood eateries, outdoor bars, and buzzing malls. There are sailing and water sports. You can also drive an ATV and go on a trek into the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio.

The resort offers ocean-view rooms overlooking the Pacific. This spectacular property is located in lush rainforest and overlooks the coastline. It has many standalone villas, bungalows, and casas. You will get a secluded feeling when you stay in this premium resort. The architecture and infinity pool are very good. The serene Playa Tulemar beach and the El Santuario Canopy Walk are both close.

Hacienda Beach Club & Residences, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hacienda Beach Club & Residences

Located in the southernmost tip of Baja California, the beach club is in the city of Cabo San Lucas. Head to this part of Mexico for its rich culture, food, nightlife, and shopping.

The Hacienda Resort is right on Medano beach. It is a dramatic representation of indoor and outdoor living. The family-friendly accommodation offers elegant residences with a host of features. Everything has been handcrafted. You will find it to be the perfect natural hideout. You can swim in the resort’s swimming pools or the resort’s roped-off beach area, which makes it a private beach. There is a marina immediately next to this property. Rent a boat for a cruise on the Pacific.

Several other properties have made it to this prestigious TripAdvisor top 10 hotels list. This year, it also includes the Club Prive by Rixos Belek of Turkey, Mirihi Island Resort of Maldives, The Ritz-Carlton of Macau, Sukhumvit Park of Bangkok, Hotel Ambiez of Andalo in Italy, and the Gran Hotel of Mexico City.

Every year TripAdvisor publishes the names of 25 top hotels in this list.

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