London Street Food

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london street food

The London street food scene is hot and happening. There are plenty of options for you to try as well. Some of the popular places for street food in London are Borough Market, Camden Market, Maltby Street Market, Whitecross Street, Brockley Market, and Berwick Street. Eat like the locals, get the local neighborhood feel, chat up to understand the city better… you will come back with a better understanding of the city. Of course, there will be plenty of photo opportunities too in these street food stalls and shops.

Must-Try Street Foods in London

Jian Bing Wrap – Chinese street food in London. This is a different version of the crepe, with fillings of chicken, veggies, and mouthwatering sauces. It can have other fillings as well, ranging from eggs, peanut sauces, and herbs to cool salads.

Masala Fries with Burgers – Gorge on these spicy potato sticks bathed in sweet chutneys. Pop Brixton on the Brixton Station Road is a popular place.

Scotch Eggs – You can’t just stroll in London, without tasting scotch eggs. It is Instagram-ready, with just a kick you were looking for.

Katsu Wraps – Another delight in the city, you will find at Katsu Wraps, Goulston Street. This is a Hawaiian favorite. You will not getter a cheaper meal than this in five pounds.

Ahi Poke Bowls – Pot meals with rice, veggies, and meat. You can skip a full-course meal for a Poke Bowl at Eat Poke, Kingly Street in Soho.

Churros with a chocolatey twist – You can choose these fried savories and dunk them in chocolatey sauce or some Nutella for a sweet and salty twist.

Dosa – Grab a bite from ‘Horn Ok Please’, in the famous Borough Market area of the city. This Indian street food is making waves in cosmopolitan London. It is made from rice flour and look like pancakes and crepes. A filling of potatoes and curry leaves with asafetida gives the Dosa a funky twist.

Steamed Dumplings – You cannot miss these steamed flour pockets filled with juicy veggies and meats, served with a steaming cup of soup. They are great for the winter.

Korean Burritos – This will just melt in your mouth and leave a lasting after-taste. This flour tortilla wraps the juiciest of vegetables and meats. You keep guessing about the fillings, without getting a sneak-peak into the actual ingredients.

Honey Comb Dough Nuts – A variant of the English sausage. It will go with your burger.

Bubble Waffles – Another must-try. It is a variant of the Belgian Waffle topped with Oreos, Nutella, and Ice Cream. You can have it on the go.

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Chicken Bap – A bunny delight! The fried chicken is dunked into a bun and immersed in sauces and selected vegetables. Spit & Roast is one of the popular eateries selling this.

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches – You will get all the flavors, ranging from coconut to rose and almond. Grab a bite to satiate your sweet tooth.

Bacon & Maple Syrup Brownies – Handful of flavors in raspberry, rose and pistachio.

London Street Food – Quick Facts

Always take a few servings of drinks along, as you will need to queue up for the street grub.The launch of British Street Food Awards in 2010 has given a huge push to the food market in London.
Rush early to the roadside eateries, or miss it and drool over others’ food.Muffin Man was once a street food seller.
Select a corner table, so that people do not fall over you in the crowded streets.Always get some warm clothes as sundown is quite chilly and you can fall sick.

Top 10 Street Food Markets In London

  1. Borough Market
  2. Camden Market
  3. Maltby Street Market
  4. Whitecross Street Market
  5. Leather Lane Market
  6. Brockley Market
  7. Broadway Market
  8. Berwick Street Market
  9. Greenwich Market
  10. Partridges Food Market

The Best London Street Food Markets

Boxpark Shoreditch located at the Overground Station is a foodie zone. Open from 11 AM to 11 PM, the place resembles a shipping container. Gorge on the best skewers, vegetarian delights, and teas at this crowded place in London.

Dalston Food Market is one of the best in town. It is flocked by both locals and tourists. Open from 9.30 AM to 5 PM in the evening, you will also find entertainment here.

Borough Market – Located on the southern side of the London Bridge, this 1000 years old market has not lost its sheen. Expect to get food samples from most stalls here, before the actual order.

KERB King’s Cross – They serve really delectable meals at cheap prices. This place can house up to nine vendors for lunchtime.

Street Food Union – You can find a palatable mix of food cuisines from Venezuelan snacks to American submarine sandwiches. Saturdays are for vegan meals.

Brockley Market – The trendiest hotspot in London for street food. The open-air place has stalls offering a large variety. Be ready to stand in a queue.

South Bank Center Market – The place for exotic food in London. Grab your favorite Shrimp Burgers, Greek Souvlaki and Bruschetta. This market opens on weekends and works deep into the evenings.

Makatcha – Best for Indonesian cuisine. Popular with the Asian community.

Food Trucks In London

There are many food trucks in the city as well, selling succulent lamb Kofta Wraps, tasty Greek gyros, and the sweetest custard tarts. Try these places when you are in the city.

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