Nightlife in Rome

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When in Rome, party as the Romans do! The nightlife in Rome is fantastic. Whether you are into the party scene or a laidback person, you will find many options to choose from in the Italian capital. Some of the best bars in the city are in the Centro Storico. If you are a dance person, head to Testaccio. You can find the popular Akab there where you can dance till late into the night. There is Vinile in Ostiense, and also the Shari Vari Playhouse.

The Eternal City also houses a few lounges, for the less adventurous and those who prefer a quieter evening. Sip on a variety of wines and dig into appetizers, as the music plays in the background. The Rome Tram Tracks show is a unique experience on a vintage tram. Visit Salotto 42 and Raspoutine to enjoy live music by the poolside.

Other popular nighttime activities in Rome include a tour of the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, where you will see the Colosseum all lit up and looking beautiful. There are dinner cruises on the Tiber. Go to Teatro dell’Opera for ballet performances and operas. See the classics Don Quixote, Carmen, and Swan Lake. There is shopping too. You can also visit the Vatican Museums at night to avoid the crowds.

Nightlife in Rome – Quick Facts

The party scene in Rome starts late, from around 9.30 PM. It often lasts late into the night and even early morning.Some night clubs shut down in the summer, replaced by live festivals, open air cinemas, operas and classic music nights.
Romans love Irish pubs, or at least pubs emulating their concept.After the party is over, Romans generally grab a croissant and a cappuccino on their way home.

Top 9 Night Clubs In Rome

1. Shari Vari Playhouse – Earlier called the Supper Club, you will find the best international crowds in designer wear dancing here. Each room plays music of a different genre ranging from hip-hop, retro, jazz, and metal. Book early as this is a very busy place.

2. Lanificio 159 – A nightclub that looks like a garage. You can hear L-Ektrica and GLAMDA at this party hotspot. There are live bands playing good music.

3. Live Alcazar – A new concept in Trastevere. Live music, DJ, and jam sessions make Thursday’s super fun for locals and tourists. Fridays and Saturdays are even better with international concerts and jazz blowing up the stage. You can enjoy great music accompanied by cocktails.

4. Ex Dogana – An unusual place. Romans have re-used industrial spaces and turned them into a party zone. Located at San Lorenzo, you can find this old checkpoint of customs abuzz with concerts, food vendors, cocktails, bars, and cinema.

5. Room 26 – Electrifying music with cocktails. The architecture is a bit confusing, with its marble walls and columns.

6. La Cabala – One of the most ornate and well-decorated bars in Rome. The party zone is located on one of the top floors in a medieval building near the Tiber River. This is one of the best piano bars in the city. There is also a restaurant here.

7. Rashomon Club – A decade-old club and one of the most popular ones in Rome. There are techno, rock, and indie music in this packed powerhouse. It is also called the ‘Black Box’ because of the dark-colored walls and exposed bricks.

8. Toy Room – A popular club chain that plays some very good music. You also get to meet the official mascot of the club, Frank.

9. Akab – Located at Testaccio, along a hilly terrain, and lined by terracotta panels. A nightclub from the 90s, it plays international music. There is acid-rock, jazz, and metallic fusion from international DJs.

Nightlife in Rome – The Wine Bars

Cozy and quiet wine bars can complete your trip to Rome. Experience some sober nights at Ai Tre Scalini, at Monti. It serves up to 100 different varieties of wine. Bar Del Fico is one of the go-to places for creative appetizers. You can flock with locals to this Circus-styled Bar and Restaurant for a taste of the international food and best cocktails.

Visit Rive Gauche, if you like artisanal beers from the barrels. Also, visit Bukowski for a quiet and relaxing evening with friends and cocktails.

See a Musical

There are many theaters in the city for plays, musicals, and live performances. The most popular venues are Teatro dell’Opera, Teatro Eliseo, Teatro Sistina, Teatro della Cometa, Teatro Brancaccio, and Teatro Argentina. The Rome Turbo Pass gives you discounts.

The Colosseum

Most people will visit the Colosseum during the day. But you can go there even after dark to take a tour of this historic site. You will see things that remain off-limits in the daytime. The ticket price is slightly expensive, but it is worth it.

Dinner Cruise

A dinner cruise on the Tiber River will be a great experience. The river winds through the heart of Rome, so you can see a lot of the attractions from another side – Castel Sant’Angelo, the Colosseum, and St. Peter’s Basilica while enjoying a meal. There is a 2.5-hour dinner cruise that includes a gourmet menu of classic cuisine, and a shorter 90-minute evening cruise with wine and appetizers. This will be a very nice and romantic way to end your visit to the Eternal City.

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