Sky Tower, Auckland’s Tallest Structure

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sky tower auckland

Sky Tower is the tallest structure in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a telecommunications tower with an observation deck on the top floor. At 1,076.1 feet or 328 meters (height of the antenna spire), it is not just New Zealand’s tallest, but the tallest structure in the entire Southern Hemisphere. In the city’s Central Business District, it stands at the corner of Federal Street and Victoria Street. It is close to the Maritime Museum, the dock area, and Victoria Park. Its top floor stands at 728.3 feet or 222 meters.

The 60-story tower is a landmark and an iconic building in Auckland. You will see it from everywhere in the city. You will get wonderful panoramic views of the city, harbor, and further out into the sea from the top. There is an upscale revolving restaurant. It also features a casino. The Sky Tower is also a popular place for bungee jumping. Join the Skywalk for a unique experience.

Sky Tower, Auckland is used for telecom and broadcasting as well. It is also the main FM radio transmitter of the city. Many TV and radio use it in different frequencies.

Sky Tower in Auckland is the 25th tallest man-made structure in the world.

Sky Tower Auckland – Quick Facts

Sky Tower, Auckland60 storied landmark tower offering panoramic views
Height1,076.1 feet or 328 meters (antenna spire)
Top Floor728.3 feet or 222 meters
ConstructionBetween 1994 and 1997
Visibility RangeOn a clear day, you can see up to 82 kilometers
TransmissionUsed by many TV and FM radio stations
Open HoursDaily 9 AM to 9:30 PM

History, Construction

The Sky Tower was inaugurated in August 1997 after 2 years and 9 months of construction. It was made by a New Zealand-based construction company called Fletcher Constructions but was designed by Gordon Moller, an architect.

The tower is made of reinforced concrete. It has been designed to withstand wind speeds of more than 200km/hr and earthquakes of 8.0 magnitudes. There are 3 observation levels open to the public –

  1. The Main Observation level
  2. The Sky Café
  3. The Sky Deck

You will get a 360-degree view of the city, the harbor area, and further out into the sea from each of these levels. Take the elevator from the ground floor to the observation levels. It takes only 40 seconds.

Top 5 Things To Do At Sky Tower

1. Have a meal at Orbit: On the 52nd floor is a unique restaurant. Orbit is New Zealand’s premier rotating restaurant that offers all-around views of Auckland. The restaurant rotates once every hour so the view keeps changing. The food is authentic Kiwi cuisine. You can order items off an a-la-carte menu. You have to book in advance – it is mandatory. Also, Orbit does not guarantee a window seat. However, you will have complimentary admission to the Sky Tower for 45 minutes before and after your meal at the Orbit.

2. Sky Jump/Skywalk: Head to Level 53 of Sky Tower for the Sky Jump. But before that, you need to wear safety suits and harnesses. There will be professional support guiding you and ensuring your safety. Then you get to jump off the Sky Tower – the fall is a thrilling 192 meters. You will be held by wire harnesses as you free fall and take in the Auckland cityscape. You can also do the Skywalk, which is a 360-degree walk on the 1.2-meter wide platform on the 52nd floor.

3. The Sugar Club: Enjoy fine dining on the 53rd floor with the finest views of Auckland. The Sugar Club is run by the world-famous chef Peter Gordon. He serves ‘fusion cuisine’ made from locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant can also be booked for weddings and private events.

4. Sky City Casino: The Sky Tower also features one of Auckland’s premium casinos. There are 2100 gaming machines and over 150 tables. The amazing venue, the exclusive bar, and top-quality live entertainment make it worth the experience. You must be over 20 years of age to enter.

5. Sky Café: Come up to level 50 and enjoy a cup of coffee at the Sky Café. This is an informal café offering stunning views. Expect to find wines, ice creams, cheeseboards and snacks here.

Sky Tower Lighting

The tower is lit up sometimes in different colors to show support for events and organizations. It has been lit up for –

  • Pink – For Mother’s Day & Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Gold and Red – Chinese New Year
  • Green and Blue – Earth Day/Starship Children’s Foundation
  • Yellow top, Green base – Daffodil Day for the Cancer Society New Zealand
  • Orange and Blue – Easter
  • White and Red – Māori Language Week

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