Top 10 Things to See, Do at Playa Delfines, Cancun

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playa delfines

Playa Delfines is a 6.5 kilometer-long sandy beach in Cancun that extends from Playa Marlin in the north to the Punta Nizuc. It also includes the El Ray archeological zone. This is actually the same stretch of wide sandy shoreline that extends all the way to the hotel zone of Cancun. Playa Delfines is a quiet beach, an escape from the busier areas of Cancun. This is the right beach for those who want a laid-back vacation and want to enjoy the turquoise waters of the sea.

Playa Delfines in Cancun seems to run endlessly along the Caribbean Sea, with the pristine 3000 hectares Nichupte Lagoon on the other side. It is a natural paradise. There are boat cruises, jungle tours, and many water sports activities to enjoy here. In between, there are a few upscale hotels on the beach, and palapas, which are traditional Mexican shelters made of palm leaves.

playa delfines guide

Playa Delfines – Quick Facts

Playa DelfinesLong sandy beach away from the hotel zone of Cancun
Length6.5 kilometers long beach
How is the beach likeSerene with fewer tourists. Less developed than the other busier beaches of Cancun
What to doRelax, swimming, surfing, visit the Maya ruins of El Ray, Nichupte Lagoon, see the CANCUN sign.
Nichupte LagoonLarge 3000 hectares lagoon with 7 lakes.
El ReyThe most important archeological site in Cancun.

The Beach

The beach retains its natural beauty, even with all the development elsewhere in the city. You will find fewer tourists here, which is a respite for those who want to just relax, get a tan, and enjoy nature. You will find a few hotels, but the beach is still mostly undeveloped. The sand, however, is darker and coarser than the beaches further in the north. Swimming is generally safe, but do be careful as there are currents and undertows at some places. Look out for the warning signs.

The water has turquoise hues and is clear. Waves hit the shoreline gently.

playa delfines beach

Playa Delfines offers great views of the Caribbean Sea. The lagoon on the other side makes it interesting. Beach pictures you will see in many brochures and postcards of Cancun have the snaps of Playa Delfines.

The beach is also called the ‘El Mirador’, which means ‘The Lookout’ because of the stunning views of the sea. You will also find a wooden lookout where CANCUN is written in vibrant and bright colors. Many like to take their vacation pictures and selfies here.

This is the only beach in Cancun where you will find a public car park. There are very few vendors here. You won’t find any big restaurants. The street vendors, though, offer authentic Mexican cuisine. Try the Kibis and fish wrapped in a banana leaf. The food is less expensive here. Read a review of Playa Delfines on the US News website.

Water Sports at Playa Delfines

You will find many options. There are lifeguards here, so swimming is generally safe in the daytime. You can also do surfing. But remember, surfboards are not available for rent on the beach. Get one before coming to Playa Delfines. But be careful, as sometimes there are bigger waves.

Sometimes you may see dolphins here. Actually, delfines in the local language means dolphins.

Nichupte Lagoon

This is a 3000 hectares lagoon on the other side of the Playa Delfines beach. There are 7 lakes here that are connected to the Caribbean Sea by 2 channels – Nizuc and Siegfried. You can do kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and sport fishing in the mangrove ecosystem. You can see a lot of birds too. Go on a boat trip, known as the Jungle Tour. The water is safe. Enjoy a glorious sunset here.

El Rey

The El Rey archaeological site is located at the southern end of the Playa Delfines beach. This is a pre-Columbian Mayan site from 250 AD that comprises 47 buildings. You can see drawings and mural paintings here. Don’t miss the pyramid-shaped temple. El Rey is the most important archeological site in Cancun.

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