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clarke quay

Clarke Quay is a leisure and riverside shopping complex in Singapore. Located between Fort Canning Park and the Singapore River, its a fun destination that offers everything… shopping, restaurants, cafes, bars, river cruises, and nightlife. There are rooftop bars, live music venues, partying, boozing, everything offering a lively atmosphere. If you want a slower pace of life, you can just do cycling, walking, or just sit beside the river.

It is named after Singapore’s second Governor called Sir Andrew Clarke (1873-1875). In colonial times, it used to be a commercial center where barges would arrive and leave with goods. There were many warehouses here. You will now find 5 blocks of modernized warehouses, where the nightclubs and restaurants have been built. Many of the city’s top attractions like the Merlion Park, Gardens By The Bay, Chinatown, and Singapore Flyer are all close.

You will also find moored tongkangs or Chinese junk boats, which have been refurbished into floating restaurants and pubs.

Robertson Quay is west of Clarke Quay. This is also good and popular with tourists but not as much as Clarke Quay. Robertson Quay is more tranquil and relaxed.

Quick Facts – Clarke Quay

Clarke QuayHistorical riverside and shopping complex in Singapore.
LocationBesides the Singapore River and the Fort Canning Park.
Opened InRe-developed, modernized, and reopened in 1993.
AttractionsThe best nightlife, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, many hotels nearby.
Walking, cycling, city and river views.

Boat Quay is very close to the Clarke Quay on the same river. It is on the other side of the Coleman and the Elgin bridge. The Asian Civilizations Museum and the Singapore Parliament are both on the opposite bank of the Boat Quay.

  • Cavenagh Bridge at Clarke Quay is Singapore’s oldest and only suspended bridge. It is so fragile that cattle are not allowed over it.
  • Clarke Quay is also the name of a road, along the quay. A part of this road has been converted to a mall.
  • The Hokkien call Clarke Quay gi hok kong si au.
  • 5 restored warehouses host restaurants, clubs, and nightclubs.
Clarke Quay
Colorful Historic Houses by Singapore River at Clarke Quay

Best Restaurants In Clarke Quay

  1. Little Saigon – Vietnamese food with traditional decor
  2. Coriander Leaf Bistro – Asian and Middle East food
  3. Red House Seafood Restaurant – Seafood, also caters to big parties
  4. Ramen Santouka – Upscale noodle chain
  5. Sukhothai – At the water edge, Thai cuisine
  6. Wings Bar – Aviation theme from the 1940s, American food
  7. RedDot BrewHouse – American/European menu
  8. Hooters – Famous waitresses and wings
Clarke Quay restaurants

Best Nightlife At Clarke Quay

  1. Zouk – David Guetta, The Chemical Brothers, and Tiesto. Zouk is the first superclub of Singapore, and extremely popular.
  2. Trace Club – EDM, hip hop, lighting effects
  3. The Chupitos Bar – The club for shots
  4. The Crazy Elephant – Graffiti-lined walls, long-haired rockers, sophisticated
  5. Attica – Hip hop, house, electronic zones

Zouk in Clarke Quay was recently voted as the world’s 3rd best nightclub.

Clarke Quay singapore nightlife
Zouk, Clarke Quay

Best Shopping

  1. Central Clarke Quay – Modern shopping mall with many restaurants
  2. Riverside Point – Independent stores for home ware, accessories, clothing, souvenirs
  3. Royal Selangor – Tableware, including plates, cutlery, and teapots
  4. Liang Court – Food stalls and fashion, medium-sized mall
  5. Fiftyfive Tailor – Handmade leather shoes, fitting shirts
  6. Funan DigitalLife Mall – Phones, computers, cameras, TVs, electrical accessories
Clarke Quay hotels
Central, Clarke Quay

Top Activities

  • River cruise
  • Visit the Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Explore the Fort Canning Park
  • G-Max Reverse Bungy
  • Lockdown Singapore – Thrilling mystery and puzzle game
  • Boat Quay for strolls along the water edge
  • Hong San See Temple – 100-year-old Chinese temple

Clarke Quay also has some good hotels, like the Novotel, Swissotel Merchant Court, and Park Regis is just across the river. Park Hotel and Holiday Inn Express are also close. Even the famous Marina Bay Sands is just 7 minutes by road.

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