Casa Mila, The Unique Work of Antoni Gaudí

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Casa Mila

Casa Mila also called La Pedrera or simply ‘The stone quarry’ is a modernist-style building in Barcelona. A Gaudi masterpiece, it takes up almost an entire block of the Eixample district. The local name La Pedrera means the stone quarry because of its shape and structure. It was the last work of the famous Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi. The building was constructed between 1906 and 1912 and stands on a 1620 square meters plot. It has 1323 square meters per floor.

The building was commissioned as a private residence by Pere Milà and his wife Roser Segimón. They wanted Gaudi to make a big house with many apartments so they could live on the main floor and rent out the rest.

The unusual design of Casa Mila was initially the butt of many jokes. Now, Casa Milà, like the other Gaudi creations in Barcelona is a major tourist attraction in the city and an example of modernism in architecture. It attracts about a million tourists annually.

Casa Mila – Quick Facts

LocationCentral Barcelona, close to La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo and other tourist attractions.
AddressProvença, 261-265, 08008 Barcelona.
How to ReachDiagonal metro station
Bus lines: 7, 16, 17, 22, 24, and V17
Open TimesOpen daily from 9 AM to 8 PM
Winter closing time 6:30 PM
Main AttractionsThe façade, interiors, courtyard, apartment, attic, Art Museum of Fundació Catalunya, Espai Gaudí.

Casa Milà is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has featured in many movies like Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’.

The Quarry House

It is called ‘the query house’ due to the unusual construction of Casa Milà. There are large stone slabs on the façade that were worked on by the stonemasons. The façade and its irregular shapes look like a quarry. The appearance of a big rocky surface is broken by iron ornaments and wavy lines. Its bright stones and the otherwise colorless look make it different than the other works of Gaudi. The roof and ground floor both have their own entrances and yard.

Casa Mila interior

The Interior

Casa Milà’s interior is also unique. The building doesn’t have any air conditioning because of its natural ventilation system. A lift was planned too, but that was included much later. You will see round natural shapes and colors in the courtyards. Casa Milà was designed by Gaudi with natural shapes, so you won’t find the right angle anywhere. Its interior walls can also be moved easily. You can visit an apartment also in a modernistic style.

The Belle Etage, which means ‘beautiful floor’, was meant originally for the owners, while the employees and tenants lived on the upper floors. Now, Belle Etage is occupied by the ‘Art Museum of Fundació Catalunya’.

There is a big attic where you can see the museum of Gaudi’s life and work. You can learn about this fantastic artist through slideshows and subdued music.

Read our guide for Casa Batlló, another must-see attraction in Barcelona. You cannot miss this unique UNESCO World Heritage site.

Casa Mila roof

The Casa Mila Roof

The roof is certainly a highlight of Casa Milà. See the imaginative shapes and colors of the staircases, ventilation shafts, and chimneys. In fact, some of the chimneys look as if they are medieval knights who are guarding the roof. Plus, you will get awesome views of the city from here.

There is also the Gaudí Room or Espai Gaudí in the attic, a museum of the house and its creator.

Casa Milà – Unique In Construction

  • Gaudi has not used a single straight line in designing Casa Milà. There are no right angles.
  • Gaudi had sculptors carve stone slabs on the front façade to get the desired effect. The name La Pedrera might also have come from this.
  • There are two multicolored halls in the main apartment where you can see many oil paintings.
  • The main floor was the residence of the Milà couple. It has been turned into an exhibition venue since 1992. It is the Art Museum of the Catalonian Foundation.
  • The most popular site in Casa Milà is the rooftop. The strangely shaped chimneys are fondly called ‘The Garden of Warriors’.
  • The balconies look like waves. They were designed by Gaudi’s associate Jujol.
  • Tourists can enter only a few areas of the Casa Milà. The other areas are occupied by offices and families.
Casa Mila architecture

Casa Milà: Tickets and Tours

  • The ticket prices are cheaper online.
  • Only a few tickets are sold from the ticket booth each day. They sell out quickly.
  • All tickets come with a free audio guide.
  • The Awakening Tour starts early in the morning at 8 AM and takes you through all the sights in the building.
  • This tour is only between Wednesday and Saturday.
  • The Open Date Ticket allows you to enter any time of the day without a queue. These tickets are valid for 6 months.
  • La Pedrera Origins ticket buys you a spot for the night show. It is a 20 minute light and sound show tracing the origins and history of Casa Milà.
  • There are also Day and Night tickets where you can visit Casa Milà twice on the same day.

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