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brooklyn bridge

An iconic landmark in New York City, Brooklyn Bridge stands on the East River, connecting the NYC boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. This suspension/ hybrid cable-stayed bridge is 1,825.4 meters long and has a width of 25.9 meters. Opened in 1883, it has a height of 84.3 meters. An engineering marvel, Brooklyn Bridge is the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world and the oldest roadway bridge in the US. 105,679 vehicles cross the bridge every day as per 2016 data.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a majestic structure to look at, and extremely popular with tourists. There are walking tours over the bridge both in the day and night. You will get stunning views of both the banks of the river and the high-rises of Manhattan. There are also bike tours over the bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge became a part of New York City only after 1898. It was formerly called the Great East River Bridge.

You can also spend time at the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York City’s waterfront to relax or enjoy the carousel ride. There is a small beach here, picnic areas, and even a theater and concert venue.

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Brooklyn Bridge – Quick Facts

Brooklyn Bridge19th century bridge over the East River, connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Popular landmark in NYC.
When Opened1883
DesignerJohn Augustus Roebling
Traffic105,679 vehicles cross the bridge every day (2016)
AchievementsThe world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge.
Oldest roadway bridge in the US.
What to doWalk over the bridge, see the NYC skyline, river views, take pictures
Relax at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, ride the carousal, theaters, concerts

Walking Tours

There are GPS-enabled walking tours in English and other languages. Learn about its history, construction, and architecture. Get views of famous Manhattan landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, Williamsburg Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. Self-guided tours usually start from Manhattan’s City Hall and end at the Brooklyn side.

Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour

There are group tours as well. You can also visit the Dumbo neighborhood and see the many high-end boutiques and art galleries here. Enjoy waterfront views, have a pizza, and some dessert.

Bike Tours

In a 2-hour bike tour, you can cycle around the southern tip of Manhattan, explore the area around the City Hall, and then ride on the Brooklyn Bridge. You will have to climb for 15 minutes to reach the bridge. Stop for photos at the side tower on the Brooklyn side. From here, you can see the entire New York Harbor, and also Staten Island, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. On a clear day, you might even see many miles deep into New Jersey.

Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path

While coming down, you will see the Financial District of NYC. Then see the historic houses at Brooklyn Heights. You will have wonderful views in every direction, so bring your camera.

On your way, you can read plaques with interesting facts written on them. Click this link for more information on the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

There are many couples doing ‘Love locks’ on the bridge. They will put their initials and a date on a lock, and attach it into the bridge. They will then throw away the key into the river. This practice is a symbol of ‘everlasting love’.

When To Visit The Brooklyn Bridge

The bridge is open 24/7. So you can visit any time you want. The skyline, however, looks the best at sunset. Vehicular traffic is minimal after 10 in the night. In peak season, you may see many tourists walking on the bridge or doing bike tours.

Brooklyn Bridge at sunset

The Brooklyn Bridge Park

It is a small park just below the bridge on the Brooklyn side. This is a waterfront park spread across several piers between the river, Dumbo neighborhood, and the Brooklyn Heights area. Walk along the promenade for classic NYC skyline views. There are play areas, sports courts, a vintage barge for chamber music, Jane’s carousel, the small Pebble beach, and waterside dining.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Just across the park, there is St. Anne’s Warehouse where you can enjoy concerts and theater. The Brooklyn Historical Society is located next to this.

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