Havana Street Food

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havana street food

Havana, the capital of Cuba, is in the news again. Rich in history, and the largest city in the Caribbean, many are visiting the Cuban capital again. 4.5 million tourists visited Cuba in 2017, and almost all of them came to Havana. The Havana street food scene is rich. It is a combination of the Caribbean, African, Spanish, and American influences. You will also find cuisines from China and Italy here. It’s a melting pot of different people, cultures, and food habits.

Visit some of the markets and try the rich street food of Havana. El Bosquecito, Coppelia, and La Makina are a must-visit. Try the Grilled Lobster, Churros, Moros y Cristianos, Pork Burgers, and the Goat Platter.

There are many interesting food markets you must visit as well while in Havana. You will find all sorts of ingredients here. Visit some of the finest restaurants in the city. Your trip to Havana, Cuba is never complete unless you try the Havana street food.

Havana Street Food

You will find authentic street foods of Havana at Parque el Curita and nearby streets of Galiano and Simon Bolivar. Street food prices typically start from 5 pesos. Roadside coffee can come for anything around 1 peso.

Top 10 Street Foods In Havana

1. Moros y Cristianos – Boiled rice with stewed black beans. You can find this almost everywhere in the city.

2. Grilled Lobster – A must-try! It is cheap too.

3. Tostones – Smashed plantains. The plantains are fried as cakes.

4. Cubano Sandwich – Made of traditional Cuban bread, brushed with olive oil, layered with a coating of yellow mustard, and filled with sliced ham, roast pork, cheese, and pickles.

5. Churros – Deep-fried dough sticks coated with sugar.

6. Frituras de Malanga – Made from taro, eggs, and crushed garlic. Just the right snack when you want to have something on the go.

7. Chicharitas de platano – Thin slices of plantain can keep you from starving.

8. Pie de Coco – For those with a sweet tooth. These are cute pies, served with shredded coconut.

9. Pork Burgers – It is a simple pork patty served with sauces and lettuce on bread roll.

10. Goat Platter – Chunks of stewed goat meat served with white rice, black beans, yucca and salad.

Food Markets in Havana

Varieties Bishop – On Bishop Street, one of the busiest places in Old Havana! You will find everything from fried chicken, salads, and sweet potatoes to Cuban sandwiches here. Try roast pork, yucca, and rice.

17th Street and K Street in El Vedado – Happening street markets. Find the huge spread of fruits, veggies, and meats.

Galiano Street – This is where you will find the best bakery goodies. It is in Downtown Havana.

Paseo Street – There are many vendors here serving the best burgers. You will find very good bread, cheese, and meats. The flavors are from various countries.

Havana Street Food – The Best Places

El Bosquecito – A little café sells the best sandwiches and beer. The sandwiches filled with ham and cheese is very filling. Rope Vieja and Moros Y Christianos are the other delectable dishes you can find here.

Coppelia – Try cheap and tasty ice cream, served in cones with flavors ranging from vanilla to bubble-gum.

La Makina – For roof-top dining, the best in class. Try their ceviche starting at 5.40 CUC. The restaurant is a bit on the top, but worth the fare.

La Guarida – Housed in a dilapidated building, but with revamped interiors. Good for dinner and cocktails.

304 O’Rielly Street – Come here for fish and mojito. The mojitos are prepared with mango and watermelon. They serve impressive crackers and salsa as well.

303 O’Rielly El Da Fret – Serves good Cuban dishes with alfresco seating.

La Fontana– Good for veggies, eggplant and fish.

La Terrazza – Casual dining. Try the sea food.

Cha Cha Cha – Across the Museum of Revolution.

La Concordia – Another roof-top option. Good food and cocktails.

Café Habana – Half chicken at a good price. Have it with Moros y Cristianos, rice and black beans.

La Paladara Familia – The prices are on the higher side, but worth the food. Try their Ropa Vieja. Do not miss this rich meal of beef, onions, spices, and pepper.

La Dichosa – Good food with good music. Go for the lobsters, rice and desserts.

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